Blue Cord Dumpster Rental
Spring Hill, KS and Surrounding KC Metro

Blue Cord Dumpster Rental is simply a great service for a great price. Our driveway-safe dumpsters are not too big and not too small. We go places the BIG trucks can't. DIY and SAVE!

We currently have 15 cyd driveway-safe trailers.

$275 for our coverage area and
$300+ outside our coverage area.
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Delivery, Pickup, & Dump Fee = 1 FLAT RATE up to 4,000 lb. limit, then overage fee applies.

Dumpster Trailer Size:
14ft L. x 5ft H. x 7ft W.  or  16ft L. x 4ft H. 7ft W.
(Stand items above walls to gain more cubic yards, up to 20+ cyds)

How much is a cubic yard?
A clothes dryer or washing machine is about 1 cubic yard. So, imagine stacking up 15 to 16+ washing machines into the trailers or roll off containers. It's a lot of space, especially if you stand items above the walls. You're getting a lot of bang for your buck. Yes, I allow you to go above the sides.

How It Works: (explained in video above)

  • Call, text, or email me
  • Tell me your City
  • Agree to the simple loading/rental terms I send you through text or email (nothing to sign)
  • We'll set a date and you'll give me your delivery address
  • I'll text you a picture (or call you) when the Dumpster Trailer is delivered
  • You pay upon delivery in Cash, Check, or PayPal
    (you don't need a PayPal account for credit cards. I just need an email address to send you a PayPal link).

That's it!

Items not acceptable for dumpsters:

• No Concrete (some okay)
• No Brick (some okay)
• No Big Loads of Gravel
• No Asphalt Shingles (some okay)
• No Big Loads of Dirt
• No Liquid Paint (dried paint and empty paint cans/buckets are fine)
• No Tires (will take if with metal wheel)
• No Flammable Liquids (oil, gas, etc). Oil bottles okay but needs to be capped.

You can even load ABOVE the sides. 
We're Insured up to $2 million and in business since 2011

3 payment methods - Cash, Check, or PayPal, (You do not need a PayPal account for credit cards). If using a credit card, I will need your email address to send you a link to PayPal's website. All cc transactions are secured through

Call - Text - Email TODAY! 
913-548-3807 ~ Better Call Paul

No need to be there for pick up. Sometimes I never even see the customers.

All through 2020 to today I've only raised the rental price once ($25) to cover gas and dump fee inflation. I understand the economy is tough and I want to help. If you want to know how well I can serve you... watch the video above or...

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We're a small family-owned Dumpster Rental company located in Spring Hill, Kansas.

We Service the Kansas City Metro Areas of KS & MO, especially dumpster rentals in Johnson County, Miami County, and Linn County.

2-Day Dumpster Rental. 15 cyd trailers for $275 for 2 days (outside coverage area $300+ depending on area). We deliver and pickup!

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Our Dumpster Rental Clients Work in these industries:

Dumpster Rental - Junk Removal - Brush Removal - Trashout - Debris Removal - Moving - Selling or Buying a New Home - Carpet Removal - Haul Junk - Haul Trash - Clean Out - Trash Removal - Appliance Removal - Yard Waste Removal - House Flippers - Landlords - Property Clean Outs - Roll Off Containers - Container Delivery - Dumpster drop off, etc

For example: If you're a flipper, landlord, or junk removal service company, or just a resident wanting to get rid of things...Call Us! We'll bring a dumpster trailer to you. Drop off, delivery, and dump fee all-in-one price.

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